Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialists

Similar to computer and electronics repair technicians, computer support specialists help people with the technologies that they own or use. But unlike computer repair, support specialists provide technical assistance and advice to individuals and organizations to troubleshoot software and hardware problems

The Work

Computer support specialists are often broken into two groups -- technical support specialists and help-desk technicians.

Technical support specialists help improve the performance of a computer or system. This includes running diagnostic tests, writing manuals, and training users. They also oversee the daily performance of the organization's network systems (LAN, WAN, and other systems).

Help-desk technicians, meanwhile, work directly with the user. They answer phone or e-mail to diagnose the problem, and often talk the user through fixing it. Many support specialists get their start as a help-desk technician.

Training & Education

A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or information systems is required for some support positions. However, depending on the business, some employers will only require an associate's degree and related experience.

Certification in different tools or technologies may also be required, and are always a good idea to improve your chances of promotion.

Problem-solving skills and the softer skills of customer service and communication are also highly valued in this customer-centric position.

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