Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Los Angeles

Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Los Angeles

Celebrity spotting in Los Angeles is an art-form. After all, the paparazzi make a living from it. However, you don't have to be on the TMZ crew or celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to do some celebrity spotting of your own. Check out some of our favorite places to rub shoulders with the rich and famous...

Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is a 130 acre park two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, just west of the 101 Hollywood Freeway. Because of its proximity to residential areas of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, celebrity sightings are fairly common. The park is also noted for having a fairly liberal dog policy, with dogs allowed off-leash in 90 of the park's 160 acres. The two southern entrances to the park are located at the north ends of Vista Street and Fuller Avenue in Hollywood.

The Third Street Promenade

Located in Santa Monica, this shoppers paradise is a celeb spotters heaven. More than 200 shops offer everything from books and electronics to clothing, jewelry and shoes, as well as housewares and home furnishings. Within blocks of the Promenade are the beach, Palisades Park and Santa Monica Pier. However, timing is key. Many celebrities prefer to avoid the weekend crowds and prefer shopping during slow periods (mid mornings and weekdays).


Long known as a popular enclave for wealthy celebrities, Malibu is a beachfront city in western Los Angeles county. Grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. in this exclusive area of Los Angeles are ripe for celebrity gawking. Dpzens of celebrities live in the Malibu Hills and wander down to the stores eventually. Notable residents include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, James Cameron, Cher, Mel Gibson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Stven Spielberg, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

The Ivy

The Ivy is one of L.A.'s leading celebrity hangouts. Located just a few blocks from the Beverly Center on Robertson Boulevard, The Ivy is known for attracting a virtual "Who's Who" of Hollywood stars and moguls. There are often papparazzi camped out across the street, hoping for photos of arriving and departing celebs.An MSNBC article called The Ivy "a celebrity beehive that sees a constant stream of Hummers, Mercedes and Jaguars pull up and discharge folks who pay through the nose to be seen eating in public".

Chateau Marmont

Modeled after an infamous royal residence in France's Loire Valley, Chateau Marmont is a fantastical folly in the city of dreams. According to Perez Hilton, the Olsens love this place. Lindsay lived here for the longest time. If you do manage to get in, don't take pictures with the celebrities. They really frown upon that here.

The Beach at Santa Monica and Venice

Venice and Santa Monica beaches have always been known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic. Prominent residents of Venice include Julia Robers, Anjelica Houston, Nicolas Cage, Perry Farrell, Fiona Apple, Kate Beckinsale, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortesensen, and Ty Pennington. Hundreds of movies have been shot or set in part within the city of Santa Monica and many celebrity owned production companies call the city home. Major Labels Aftermath Entertainment started by Dr.Dre, Interscope started by Jimmy Iovine, A&M Records, Geffen Records, Shady Records,and G-Unit Records created by 50 Cent & Sha Money XL are also based in Santa Monica,Ca.

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